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Default Day25

Weight: 197.6 (-1.3 / -7.4lbs)
Waist: 36.0" (-2.0")

Workout: Full Body A

Yesterday's nutrition:
cals: 740
protein: 101g
fat: 24g
carb: 26g net

Decided to check my percentages today on my impedance scale (yes, inaccurate as f* especially during keto but I watch the trend) and my bone mass measured 6.6% - an all time low. I checked back and I had 6.9% around the end of 2016 when I was considerably heavier, so I am worried about this! as I lose weight this %age should be increasing, not decreasing! I know I shouldn't trust anything an impedance scale says, and that the scale makes some assumptions reliant on age, and I did adjust my age from 37 to 39 during this period, and I know I am at the age where these things start to decline, but yikes!!

I started to think about my strength, and although I am lifting a bit less than I was a couple years ago right after I finished an extensive home renovation and was all hulked out, most of my stuff is about the same as when I was starting out with weight lifting in uni 10-15 years back EXCEPT for back. the difference there is that I used to have a much larger chest (had a reduction 2 years ago) and holding up a large chest must give you a stronger back (like I used to lat pull as much as the skinny guys in the gym)! I never used to do legs so I have no comparison, but I used to run all the time and now I can't until I get my glute-medius and knee in order and I know that impact exercise makes some difference, but now I do squats and deadlifts so I would think it balances for muscle/bone mass, if not being better for it (I was always reading about how runners need to do leg strength exercise to supplement and avoid injury).

Anyway, I am definitely glad I have gotten back to some serious lifting and I will have to keep this up for life, which isn't the best because I lose motivation for lifting fairly often!! Maybe 6.6% will be my new motivation lol. Also, that is not the only reason to do it. I have been told by every physio/chiro I have seen that I am overly flexible through my joints, and therefore I need to be very cognizant of maintaining good strength or I will injure myself, which only gets worse with age. Determining how to stay motivated for lifting will be my new project
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