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Default Day26

Weight: 197.9 (+0.3 / -7.1lbs)
Waist: 36.0" (-2.0")

Workout: Rest

Yesterday's nutrition:
cals: 946
protein: 93g
fat: 50g
carb: 25g net

Plateauing? Time to go hard for the weekend. I have no social events save an afternoon memorial so I should be on track to eat healthy and avoid all drinking opportunities this weekend. I will plan to save my kick-a**. free meal (something with roughly an entire block of cheese melted on it) until Sunday night to save me from the 'that free meal was so good, let's keep it going's and set me up for a water release for Monday. It's welcome to 'social hibernation month' for me. Need to get these weekends beaten into shape. I can do this!!!
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