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Originally Posted by PhysiologyIsPhun View Post
What kind of job do you have? If it is largely sedentary, your maintenance is most likely 2,000 or less. At 1560 calories a day, you are creating a deficit that would cause less than a pound of weight loss per week. 3 months = 12 weeks, so an 8 lb loss is actually right about on par with the deficit you are creating. You will invariably need to start eating less to lose weight faster. If you feel you can't lower calories any more, add some cardio in. Also, you may be underestimating caloric intake, which can take away from your deficit. When dealing with such a small deficit, any error can be make or break on if you will lose weight at all.
My job is largely sedentary, and if I wasn't at the gym for almost an hour and a half 5 days/week I wouldn't be surprised that I'm dropping weight this slowly. I average around 700-800 calories burned per workout. I'm a very analytical person and I weight out everything before I eat it (even go so far as to plan my meals out a day in advance so I can make sure I hit my macro goals), so I know it's not a tracking issue. It sounds like I originally estimated my macros incorrectly and 1560 is too much food. Dropping that lower isn't an issue; it's in fact a lot of food and I struggle to eat that much.

I have an old copy of RFL that I picked up a while ago and I'm gonna give that a shot. I think the hardest part of the diet will be not exercising every day, lol. Sorry for the lengthly reply to your post, but thanks for taking the time to reply.
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