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Originally Posted by Nero View Post
Thats what I asked for. If a break had to be a break each and every day, and not just contain a certain number of total kcal(maintance) ingested for two weeks.

The difference is relevant and the answer was not obvious I think.

To explain it in another way: from day 1 on break until the 14'th the total number of kcal answer to maintance each and every day, even thought some days where high and some days were low. Is there an explanation to why(and if) that is inferior to doing maintance each and every day?

I understand it if there is, I am just wondering.
Because it takes a week to re-regulate hormones and two weeks to optimize them. You can't expect a plant to live if you water the heck out of it just once in a while. It won't wither and die right away, but eventually it's gonna die. It needs a stable source of nutrients.

Feel free to chime in if my analogy is incorrect, Lyle. That's just how I've guaged this whole 'diet break' thing from reading your articles.
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