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Default 21 day rfl. Male 81.2kg 5'11". 4th psmf.

Hi guys first post .

I'm new here but not to dieting, nutrition or Lyles writing.
I have an unfortunate habit of drinking too much, getting lazy and regaining lost weight which keeps me yoyoing.

Maybe this time will be different. I have had a couple of bad experiences which have put me off the sauce and many good experiences whilst off the sauce which have proven a few truths to me about myself and what i should prioritise in life.

So to business.

I've been backpacking new zealand the last four weeks after going through Asia. The weight has fallen off me, I have gone from 84.9 to 81.2kg, the diet has been if with two normal days eating at approx 2000kcal and then a fast day. I have joined a gym and am running 3xweekly full body with emphisis on back which i need to strengthen for long distance hiking. I have also been doing day hikes regularily. I have just got a job and what better time for torturous keto flu?

I have done three previous rfls. Two at cat 2 and 1 at cat 1 so my plans have been honed finely.

The psmf will be set up as follows:

Current stats:

Weight: 81.2kg
Neck: 14.5"
Waist: 35.75"
Approx bf%: 21%

Goals based on expectations on previous experience:
Waist: 33.5"
Approx bf%:18%

21 days timescale cat 2, refeeds Sunday and cheat Thursday or friday.

Daily: 500g chicken breast seasoned and stirfried with salad (capsicum lettuce etc) split into two meals, one with cottage cheese at 135g protein.
Super skim Milk with soluble fibre and 30g whey isolate at 35g protein which puts me at 170ish for the day.

Multivit daily.

Fish oil x8 daily

15g Dextrose pre workout.


Nicotine via vaporizer at 6ml 6mg daily.


The worst bit about rfl is the constipation and the tiredness. I'm in good stead for keto flu due to the 24 hour fasts I've pulled the previous four weeks, the last of which I didn't even need to eat at the end of. I start work Thursday and started psmf today Wednesday the 10th. I expect keto flu to flare up somewhere around Friday evening and last the weekend which I won't work. Redress are strategically placed to make Monday mornings bareable. I've added soluble fibre to the mix in the morning to try and stave off gut block which was horrible last time out.

Coming off psmf.

I will simply drop back into my previous diet and cut down to 10


To come
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