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Default New Guy, which book to buy?

hello, whoever is out there, and lyle.

first off I apologize if I am posting this in the wrong section, etc. I didn't know if I should just post it near the books, and I didn't want to troll up a book discussion, so here I am.

Also, apologize if there is a forum etc. thread where one has already asked this, I did the search and scrolled through a few stickies, didn't see anything like this question anywhere?

Question: My goals are to simply be conditioned(as to not be a fat, well, u know the second word) and to be/get strong, learn more about the bodies' physiology, and eventually base (in about a year or so) my diet around sometype of "bodybuilding" etc.

Which of lyle's books should I purchase that revolve around this goal?

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