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Don't know about metabolic effects.

It is a norepineprhine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor.

Looked for alternates because I can't take it...anaphylatic reaction.

Modafinil looked like a good possibility but I was unable to get a prescription for it (ADD) and I tried my GP and a psych. I was told that they will only prescribe it for sleep apnea and for elderly patients with daytime somnolence.

I've had a sleep study and do have sleep issues, but I was diagnosed with periodic limb movement, not sleep apnea so I was told no go.

I was given Adderall instead which is annoying and a little bit funny since Modafinil was denied supposedly because of addiction issues.

ETA: Not my addiction issues...just potential for addiction/abuse in general. My addiction issues fall into stuff like coffee, surfing the internet and sometimes a little impulsive shopping.
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