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Default Zeltiq?

I should immediately start this off by saying I have no interest in this process, other than curiosity as to whether/how it works.

I was at the skin doc this morning and saw they had a poster up for something that claimed non-surgical spot reduction of fat, and then listed areas that were all alpha-2 fat areas.

Looking into it while I was killing time waiting on the doc to get me, it seemed to me that they make the area very cold, and then the fat goes away "as would normal dietary fat."

The SFP book, IIRC, noted that cold is bad for fat loss, warm good. (FIRE BAD)

So this seemed odd to me, and the only way I could theorize this works is that they freeze it, it breaks the cell wall, the fat gets out, absorbed into the bloodstream, and then you exercise to get rid of it.

But while that superficially seems to make sense if that is even possible, I don't see how they would do that without burning your skin, and if it is not a temp that would burn your skin, then wouldn't there be a home version of this?

Curious for thoughts on others on this.
Not advocating it or considering it (no clue how much it even costs) - but was curious if it was a scam or not - assumed it wasn't in that I was in a very high end skin care place (that also does plastic surgery and the like I believe).
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