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Hi Vizilzord, looking at your previous posts the stop was to recover from dental surgery wasn't it? What type?

From my point of view I'd be VERY careful restricting calories severely if you're recovering from anything but the mildest of dental operations. I've had an apesectomy and an implant and i'd be very warey about restricting calories post-op with either too soon.

I only say this because this year I did the exact thing (had a severe calorie deficit a week after an implant dental operation) and it backfired horribly.

I had an operation to get a dental implant fitted but after maybe a week of chilling post-op I went back on my large/moderate deficit and hitting the gym hard. This absolutely broke me and made me quite sick for a couple of months and means I'm having to deal with health issues related to this still 5 months later.

You might think your gaining time by jumping back on a severe diet soon after your operation but it has the potential to backfire extremely badly (it did for me).

I really wish I could've just relaxed and ate at maintenance with lots of nutrients or maybe a small deficit if I could go back even for an extra week or two. My 2c. Good luck :-)
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