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Originally Posted by Determinism View Post
Why are you doing a milder version of ERFL, then a week of rest, then a couple of weeks RFL? Wouldn't it be better to just start RFL for a couple of weeks?

Also, what category are you?
I tried going for 8h yesterday, but the sole of my left foot was aching a lot. So I did 4h. I'm leaving soon for 2h of walking outside, and another 2-3h. Also I'm a student and have an intern job so I don't have the time.

And it was a misunderstanding from my part. You're not supposed to do a diet break after ERFL (I thought it was because it's physically demanding). So, I'll keep at it until Tuesday (4 days in a row of "mild" ERFL).

So, I'm aiming for 21 days of ERFL+RFL. If I drop 4-5kg of fat I'll be extremely content, as my goal is to get sub 70kg before bulking up again.

I'm a category 2. 1,69cm, 74-74.3kg of body weight, 18-19%bf

@jimike - Thanks for your concern my friend! I unfortunately didn't have the chance to remove my wisdom teeth, so I kept my recomp going until yesterday haha. I have built some quality mass, so it's time to properly cut now. Also I'm going to a festival in October, so I'll have plenty of time to drop a few kilos and make some muscle gains. Gotta get lean for summer season

Thanks for the replies guys. I'll keep a log of my short-term adventure!
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