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Originally Posted by Anti View Post
I would try it, but no way would I eat the whole thing. Heck I dont even know if back in my glory days I could eat that much.

My biggest meal in one sitting without some long break/pause during eating was a 2lb cheeseburger/fries that I washed down with a 24oz beer. That I enjoyed after a very tough and hot strongman comp, and that sucker filled me up for many hours after. That was at my peak of bulking, so I was used to eating larger quantities. At this point my stomach is undertrained, after dieting for a while I couldnt handle eating anywhere near that amount.

And that is NOTHING calorically compared to that gold loaf thing. Im guessing my burger meal was 3500 cals.
I'd definitely try it.

Don't care enough to calculate myself, but googling it, seems the sandwich has around 17000 calories.

Half a grizzly bear's daily allotment.
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