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Btw, I was referring to this article from Lyle about recommended supplements and dosages:

Under e.g. calcium, he states lastly: "Calcium supplementation should be split into two doses consumed morning and evening with meals as this provides better overall uptake."

Under fish oil he states: "... that daily dose would require 6-10 capsules per day which should be split at least morning and evening (taken with meals)."

Notice the reasoning for this "split at least morning and evening", doesn't contain a reasoning like previously, and even uses the wording "atleast".

Though I know it can cause fish-burps or stomach-upset, but I find it strange if it is this he refers to with the "atleast" wording, as it to me sounds more "uptake" related...

Btw, I've thought about this for 3 years now lol, and as I never found an answer from lyle with my googlefu'ing, then i'd thought to register here just for this

Sorry for blabbing on so much also
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