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Lyle, why overtraining tends to be a problem when training 5x/6x a week if the people are keeping the training volume and (muscle hit) frequency at the same as the 3x/4x per week?

is there any hormonal advantage by training all in less days?
I think Lyle has mentioned systemic recovery. This is one of those issues that doesn't fit into a lot of "models" of how recovery works.

For instance, someone on these forums asked once:

"I'm training 6 days per week. Why can't I just distribute that training load over 7 days per week? Shouldn't it make it better for recovery because I've distributed the stress over more days?"

But coaches have noticed that you need that one day off. Even endurance athletes training 30+ hours per week take a day off. Maybe Lyle knows about the physiology behind it, but people have just noticed that athletes need rest days.

Which is why it's naive to say 3 two-hour workouts is harder than 6 one-hour workouts. They're different stresses.
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