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So after reading this QA article this is the plan I have put together which is a variation of Split 1. I've come up with this setup because I want to do some oblique and lower back work and I can't cram all this into a single day with legs.

I considered the upper/lower alternating routine where do you only 1 or 2 sets each day, but I worry that switching between all those exercises will take up a lot of time especially if the gym gets busy and I have to wait for someone.

So with all that in mind my plan is to go to the gym every day and cycle through day 1 though 4 below. Due to a variable work schedule and life I'll skip a day or two here or there which will give my shoulders a break and occasional extra rest for recovery and joint paint.

1 Chest/Back Day: Superset Flat Bench and Row; Superset Incline Bench and Cable Pulldown

2 Abs/Lower Back Day: Superset Weighted Situps and Lower Back; Superset Cable rotations for obleaks and leg raises

3 Shoulder/Arm Day: Superset Rear Delt Raise and Lateral Raise; Superset Bicep curl and tricep cable pushdown

4 Leg Day: Superset Leg Press and Calf Raise; RDL; Split Squat

Does this seem like a decent plan?

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