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Originally Posted by LightCrow View Post
It depends. How did you like that Lyle answer?

What is your normal set point for BF%? What % are you trying to maintain? That would be the ideal number where constant hunger goes away. If that was 25% you are going to have to decide if you really want to fatten up that much, or if you're happier being leaner but more hungry. It's a compromise no matter how you dice it.
I think I am roughly 8-10% based just on my own visual assessment. I have maintained this for a couple years (interspersed with periods of slight fat gain followed by a short cut).

However, I got into this whole fitness thing after I rapidly gained about 50 lbs in a year or so from binge eating and lost it pretty much directly after I gained it. But, when I lost the weight I dropped below the bf% I was always at before the weight gain which I would guess was somewhere around 15% to 20%.

How much of a contributing factor do you think the weight gain/subsequent loss was to my extreme hunger now?

Originally Posted by holly70 View Post
Have you just come off of a long hard cut? What body fat percentage are you at? Do you know?

Never been lean enough to deserve the descriptor.

But I did have symptoms like this after a very long low calorie diet.

I didn't "get sleepy" after lunch. It was more like some campy old movie where an explorer gets hit by some native's poison dart...going down...system crash.
Lol at post lunch coma. I know exactly what you mean.

Originally Posted by CorpDesertique View Post
I'm sorry for you man
I guess you also have no libido?
lol, thanks for the compassion dude. Libido is totally shot

Originally Posted by w1cked View Post
Gaining a slight amt of bf made a huge difference for me. Totally worth the tradeoff of not being food focused low libido nighttime hunger pangs etc to have extra 2 to 4 lbs fat on your body for me.
Very interesting. What body fat % do you think you were at before the 2 to 4 lb gain and where do you think you're at now? Did you just run a huge surplus until you gained the weight or did you go about gaining the couple pounds of fat more slowly?

Was the difference in hunger/being food focused pretty drastic?
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