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Originally Posted by lylemcd View Post
I guessing you didn't pay attention to this:

"Iím going to ask readers not to read anything into the above paragraph, donít infer or try to draw conclusions about how alcohol might or mightnít fit into the diet in terms of anything. As it turns out, alcohol is an oddity among nutrients with seemingly contradictory effects on things. Iím going to address that in detail in a forthcoming article and, for now, just take the above as some much needed background information."

Because I knew, with 100% certainty that someone would ask exactly what you asked. and if I'd had any intention of addressing that type of thing, I wouldn't ave put in the above paragraph in the article.
What was the forthcoming article? I did a bit of searching for it, but I'm not sure I came across this particular article on alcohol. Or was it mention as part of another article and not just about alcohol?
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