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Full Diet Break day 11/14

AM weight 137.0

Hungry enough to chew my arm off, but I think a lot of that is stress from sleep deprivation (toddler twins have been up past 2am every night -- we're working on settling them into a better routine but it's a slow process). Anyway, stuck to food plan.

Felt like lifting heavy for lower reps, so I did! I'm a rebel just for kicks now.
Squats 45# 3x5 (could get 2 reps with decent form and then it was good mornings)
Bench 55# 2x8, 1x6
One-arm DB row 35# 3x8
10 min diastasis recti exercises
35 minutes easy walking on the treadmill
Felt soooooooo good.

Steps: 10,000
My log: All I Want For Christmas is RFL By The Book

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