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Full Diet Break day 14/14

AM weight 139.8 (squeaking in under that goal of not going over 140, haha)

It's been a less-than-perfect couple of days. Twins still aren't sleeping, and at work we had a manager quit abruptly and norovirus is going around. I am dealing with things in very healthy ways, such as by eating cookies straight out of the break room freezer and then going to my therapist to complain about how I am eating too many cookies.

Heh. Seriously, it's all good. We have a new sleeping/eating plan for the twins from their pediatrician, who says in her experience, "It's one REALLY rough week and then the kids are fine." And that's probably going to be true for me too. I am going to be a zombie and eat like crap, and probably gain a few pounds, and then the new year will come with its promises of fresh starts, and I will get back on track and everything will be fine.

Tomorrow is my 34th birthday and I weigh less than I ever have since possibly my 15th birthday.

Thanks Lyle and thanks everyone. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. See you around if my kids don't kill me first
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