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What'd you do for pecs, Peter? I only ever benched. My bench is not great. I have big pecs. I could probably wear a bra, but I don't need the support. I want to need the support, y'know? So I should adjust my chest training. I could make other adjustments. I want to start wearing bras, though, yet they aren't popular right now, they could help my nipple appearance (or the lack thereof). Not that I am nipless, I experience hard nips, stress nips, soft nips, and stealth nips. I believe a mostly unstructured dome-like male bra cup structure could mitigate the seasons of nips; merge all nipular seasons into year-round excellence and give men a lot of confidence in their breasts. Maybe a moistening man bra, right? Cause we all know that wet nips are the best. Pointy. On a big pec, this could be very aesthetic. Every nipple is only as good as the point it's trying to make.
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