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Originally Posted by infiniteopacity View Post
However, I don't feel comfortable paying Anytime Fitness $70 for a plastic key and then $60 / month going forward.
That is really high for Anytime Fitness. You don't have to have a gym membership, but I think you can probably find one for less than that if you want to.

If you happen to have BlueCross/BlueShield health insurance they have a program called HealthWays that gives you access to 9500+ gyms across the country for $25 a month.

I signed up so I can be fairly sure of having access to a gym if/when I travel. Could use it locally too, but so far haven't dropped my more expensive membership at the nicer gym w/towels and extras because I really want to keep my spinning classes. If I replace those elsewhere for less though I could drop it.
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