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Default Abs By Memorial Day

It's usually at this point in the year (winter here in the NE) that I decide enough dieting, it's time to eat and bulk. I'm thinking that's not such a good idea since I always seem to be scrambling before summer hits to get lean and then vacation type behavior (i.e. drinking/eating) start to take over all fitness plans. So, I'm thinking of going for broke, sticking with dieting, and going for abs.

I'm looking for help from this board on the best strategy for achieving abs by Memorial day and also getting a gut check on if this is even a reasonable goal in the time frame.

Some specifics:

* Age: 49 (hormones and body aren't what they used to).
* Height: 6' 2"
* Bodyweight: 174 in pic below. Probably started 192 after labor day.
* Bodyfat: Not sure. Put pic on bodyfat estimation thread and got anywhere from 13% - 18%.
* Weeks until Memorial Day: 18 weeks.
* Maintenance weeks: I figure two weeks of vaca potentially. Maybe two different 2 week maintenance weeks. So, six week's maintenance.
* Training Weeks Left: 12 weeks.
* Some Realities: I'm a corporate executive. Family with children. Real life responsibilities don't always allow for rigid, self indulgent programs.

I used a combo of EOD and UD2 to get me to this point. Usually I'll go EOD if work gets in the way due to work travel or meetings or family obligations. If I see a clear week where I see I have "control" I'll switch to UD2.

As an aside, I love UD2. I know many find it painful, but I personally can't go on RFL forever. 4 days of dieting where I see the light at the end of the tunnel and a carb load is perfect. Also, at 49 I can't pound my joints going heavy endlessly. The early week high rep work helps me avoid injury.

So, my first question is, is this goal realistic? Or too ambitious understanding the time available and other factors?

If it is, would my EOD/UD2 combo work or would you recommend another approach?

And lastly, any thoughts from mathematicians and BF experts on what my landing spot should be in terms of body weight where abs would be visible?

Pic below.



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