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Originally Posted by david View Post
Interesting. Possibly useful to a degree. However...

An important point to remember is that dogs, like every other non-human animal, have no choice: they will ALWAYS behave like dogs. We, on the other hand, are beings of volitional consciousness. We can choose to act in ways in opposition to our own best interests. We can choose to be irrational. Makes applying principles of behaviorism, classical conditioning, operant conditioning, to people, somewhat problematic.
I'm guessing you didn't see the part where I said, explicitly,

"While there is obviously more to it than that in humans, there is no doubt that these types of pathways play a role in human behavior."

Or pointed out the bizarre irrational chioces (i.e $10 now vs $1000 later, 1 marshallow now vs. later) that humans make.

Nevermind, clearly you didn't.
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