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Default Stubborn fat leg

Currently i am 73 at 10%, ab looks very good, veiny, dry and 6 row clearly visible while legs hold a lot of fat and water
I started from 79 at 15% aprox. Did 3 weeks keto diet. 5 ud2 cycle, 2 weeks off diet and now i m doing a diet with 350 kcal deficit and depending on my training i eat more carbo or more fat, protein constant. Im taking in the morning yohimbine caffeine and walk 5 km to reach work. Training alternate 3 day of weight(edt style right now) and 5 day of running with 1 day rest (tempo run and 1 edt Training in the same day). Running alternate 1 day vo2 max (400 or 800 repeats) 1 tempo run ( 30 min at lactate threshold) 1 long run and 2 easy or steady this way i could use 2 training as sfp ( the easy run after 2 3 days of low carb and after a day with more carb i did vo2 max wait 5 min and walk for 30. I m start to see that for lose inner leg fat and leg fat in general i m start to lose more muscle. My question
Can i introduce same new "drug" like nicotine (more fat mobilization and same estrogen control)?
Should i change samething in training?
In the ud.2.0 lyle says aromatase inhibithor is useless in that contest..sameone have same experience?
Did everyone had same advice ? Or simply i must be patient?

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