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Originally Posted by Primalkid View Post
lmao Thank you! I thought I was the only person who doesn't waste time weighing vegetables lol

Originally Posted by Neilnacarter View Post
Dude you diet isn't exactly Paleo. Seems that you have these quite frequently. Are you starting on a specific date or am I missing something?

Non - Paleo foods that you list.

Chocolate cake
Kidney Beans

Chest & Back & Calves

DB Bench: 45x15, 60x10, 75x5, 90x2x10, x9, x8
Chest supported row: 45x5, 90x5, 125x2x12, x2x8
Standing calf: 135x5, 235x5, 335x2x10, x2x8
DB Incline: 65x14, x2x10
Lat pull: 165x15, x10, 150x9
4 way neck: lowest resistancex25 (each side)

60 min ride
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