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Originally Posted by volimsmes View Post
I will. I just want to be sure how precise u need to be with intake. For how long can body store electorlytes before they get depleted. I don't understand how this works and I don't want to make any stupid mistakes.

Do you just take them them you feel a bit off?
Looky here, I haven't read Lyle's keto book, but I've embarked on Keto diets more times than most and for longer than most. A lot of what I'm about to say is mostly based on my own experience:

First of all "just take them" is about as precise as the average person needs to/can get. Electrolytes even for competition dieters are extremely complex and a very very delicate balance.
The reason why you need to take them is when you eat extremely low carb you very much suppress the amount of insulin in your body. As you deplete muscular glycogen your muscle cells release water, glycogen, and along with it electrolytes. Potassium and sodium being the large players in keeping neural and cellular functioning running efficiently are excreted and can give some symptoms of dehydration that are not fun.
So maybe you already know this, but I explain it because for me it gives me an idea about "when" to take them and how precise... for me I start taking them when glycogen depletion begins. Though you could probably know you need to take them when you feel sluggish, tired, headaches and other dehydration symptoms. But seriously "just take them", it's like a multivitamin but your just supplementing salts that aren't being readily held on to as they are during a diet with higher carb intake.
So take the recommended amounts like a daily multivitamin, then take zero carb/cal sports drinks during these times your playing sports in hot weather. I think if you start trying to micro manage your sodium and potassium you'll do more harm than good and so I think that's why your getting the "just take them". I don't know if your doing a cyclic keto diet or just a keto for a long time but I found that extended keto your body adapts well and you don't need the extra electrolytes after a few weeks.

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