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Default Wedding Prep UD2 Log


As you see in the title, I am getting married in August and I intend to use UD2 to maintain/gain strength through my cut. I've been mostly concerned with strength and size for the last couple of years, and have gone from 165 to 190 with no real cutting periods. Honestly, if I wasn't getting married I probably wouldn't have even decided to cut. However, now that I've begun I realize how sloppy I let myself get. I was probably around 21-22% at 190. Right now I have been cutting for about 2 months, and am sitting around 176 at 16%. I've never actually been lean, so I am really excited to see how it goes. My goal is to get down to 10%, while gaining strength on my core lifts.

My current PR's:
Squat: 325x8 / 250x20
Deadlift: 385x5
Bench: 225x8

Doing some math, I probably have about 145 lbs of LBM at the moment, and 10% would put me right around 165 lbs. So, about 10 lbs of fat to lose. I will be starting the diet on Sunday, as I am currently on a short diet break (family is visiting).
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