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Red face ... Such a fine line ~

Hey all,

Just an observation here: I am trying to follow an Atkin's induction/Keto diet lifestyle daily. Sometimes I do really well and other
Times, errrr not that great. My Carbs vary from 20 to 60grs a day, depending on how I feel and on the workouts I do. ( I only do cardio, and should do weights, I know )

The thing is, when I eat less in a day, keep the carbs low and calories to around 1,200 ~ my next dayís daily run
Is usually really good. I feel great, have great breathing (still slow AF), can go on for a while (I usually run 10k a day).
My joints and muscles do not ache.

If I eat a little too much either calorie-wise, i.e. more carbs ~ my next dayís run is pretty miserable ~ I feel sluggish, my joints
Hurt somehow, I get sore and my breathing is all over the place.

I must be a total newbie or very inexperienced ~ I just canít seem to find what works best for me yet and loose that stupid
10 lbs I have left to lose. I am up and down ~ up and down stuck on between 127 and 130 lbs.

Sorry, I am rambling here ...
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