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Originally Posted by JDPbrah View Post
What happens when you increase calories slightly but don't increase carbs.
For example:
Day 1 you eat 1200 cals with 50 grams of carbs
Day 2 you eat 1500 cals with 50 grams of carbs.

Do you feel worse on the high cal day even when keep carbs low?

I did strict keto for an entire year, carbs could foul up my body and make me lethargic. However I could increase calories by adding in more fat and it would make me more energetic.

Instead of cheating with carbs have some more fat. I bet you will feel much more energetic and your runs will improve.

Adding in more carbs during weak moments will just keep your body shifting and transitioning to different energy systems. Keep it running on fat by eating fat and keeping carbs low
Hey there,
I am so grateful you replied. You know, I never really did this... keep carbs lower and increase the cals with fat goodness. It is something I will have to play with this week. THank you for the insightful observation!

What kind of WOE are you following, if I may ask?

Also, in your opinion ~ if I run 5 times a week instead of 7 and do more weight training on those 2 or 3 days, do you think it will help me lose the last 10lbs and get more benefits for my cardio work out? I am pretty much down to the last amount of weight loss and it is soooo hard to lose.

Trying to revamp my workouts and not getting burned out. I love running but
think I need to do weight training as well. I cross train with swimming at the moment...
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