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Originally Posted by lylemcd View Post
Be glad that cursing is not allowed on this forum for me to tell you what I think of that degree of utter horse crap.

Because the sentence "my idea" means he's pulling crap out of his butt and should just shut up and let people who understand physiology talk about this topic rather than leading people down the path of bs.

Now please get out of my personal thread.
And I know you are probably going to take offense to this, and in no way do I mean this in a bad way (I try to make sure everything I say comes from a place of compassion, though I am not perfect), but have you ever thought that getting upset with people on the forums and generally just getting worked up about things more than you need to contributes to your depression? I know that what has helped me through depression is being able to catch myself before I get upset through mindfulness, so I am almost always in at the least a neutral/somewhat happy state and if I ever do get angry I can usually calm myself down almost instantaneously.
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