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Progress since my last post

7-18 2309 90,0
7-19 2291 90,8 and 16,5% fat. (oh damn how come I don't drop weight at this amount of kcal and still no fat% gone, lets go to 2200 kcal)
7-20 2200 91,2
7-21 2207 90,8
7-22 2180 91,6
7-23 2327 90,4
7-24 2194 89,9

What do you guys think about my progress since I posted here last time? I feel pretty disappointed tbh. I mean I am 197lbs, train 3 times a week, and seems that fat loss still very slow or just not there at 2300/2200 kcal. I mean is there something wrong? Should I go keto or w/e to see if that works? I am a bit lost but maybe I am overthinking it. So if you guys have advice please let me know.
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