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Average Week 2: 78.43kg/172.91lbs [Maintenance Week 5]
Average Week 3: 79.31kg/174.85lbs [Maintenance Week 6]
Average Week 4: 79.23kg/174.67lbs [Maintenance Week 7]
Average Week 5: 79.95kg/176.26lbs [Maintenance Week 8 + Mild Deficit]
Average Week 6: 79.72kg/175.75lbs [Mild Deficit]
Average Week 7: Vacation
Average Week 8: 81.52kg/179.72lbs
Average Week 9: 80.99kg/178.55lbs

This was actually quite an eye opening week with regards to eating. Even though I said I was going to do a mild deficit, I didn't actually track my food. I tried something a little different. The plan was simple, eat my regular style main meals and cut back on snacking as much as possible. My main meals insure I get the amount of protein I need (Breakfast: eggs - Lunch: tuna, cottage cheese - Dinner: chicken), I add in a little more for calories and I have something pretty close to a mild deficit.

Since this trial has worked decently, I'm going to stick with it and see how it goes.

Due to my sinuses I'm getting back into the swing of things now. I basically had a full week of my stretches, headstands, etc. My sinuses have greatly improved over the week, though they're still sort of screwed up. I just got back to the gym on Friday.

Plan for the week: Continue on with this style of diet and get myself back into the swing of things at the gym.
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