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11th April 2017
ERFL Day One

Protein: 20/111g
Exercise: 18/35kms

The hardest parts about ERFL is the boredom when doing so much LISS training and also the non desire to eat at all.

I completely forgot I hadn't consumed any calories today. I made a trip to the grocery store, bought pre-grilled chicken and tried to eat it, but my appetite was completely gone. I forced down two servings and finished a packet, but could not eat more.
I really should have forced myself to eat more of it. 20g of Protein is not sustainable.

Also, it seems like all the exercise has suddenly caused the onset of that TOTM. I'm not sure how negatively it will affect the next three days, but I am trying to stay hydrated and combat exhaustion at this time.

Needless to say I'm disappointed in my efforts today.

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