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Originally Posted by Benrarrick View Post
Hi all,

I am rounding the edge for my first week of UD2 and so far am liking it. One question I have is regarding the post tension workout carbs , I know he states that ideally these should be consumed in a liquid glucose or glucose polymer form, but would it be alright to just go home and immediately eat some actual food? I ate smarties this week because I didn't feel like drinking dextrose but ideally I'd love to eat something like baked russet potatoes (I figure since they have a high GI it would be an alright substitute). Essentially I feel like smarties and dextrose drinks are a waste of 200g of carbs. If the difference is important though, I'll keep the smarties in
I do prefer real food after my tension workout. Right after my workout I consume 30gms of protein drink. After I get home I prefer a P28 wrap with chicken, lettuce and tomatoes. I drink me a glass of OJ with Evogen Glycoject-Carbs drink.
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