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Default Strategy to Achieve < 10% BF Without Cardio

Can I achieve < 10% body fat using the CKD without cardio? - Yohimbe w/cardio used to work wonders for me...
If so - should I have a higher ratio of protein to fat?
Should I be consuming less saturated fats and more unsaturated? (I read in Lyle's book that people had success with more fat loss through less saturated fats)
Should I refeed less often or more often?
I've started using caffeine preworkout to help with the fat loss.. would any other supplements help?
Half of my protein source has been whey.. should I stick to natural foods?

Some background info:
About 12% body fat.

I am a male.. south asian... used to be skinny fat.. now I look athletic... 26 yrs old.. hold my stubborn fat in hips, upper back and legs.

I train 1hr x 5-6/week. Each workout is about 32 sets (I raised the number of sets because I'm not doing cardio)
Good success on CKD so far - very little strength loss.
I don't mind cardio but I find it just makes me feel so exhausted throughout the day that it becomes difficult to work.
I started the ckd a few weeks ago at 300-400cal deficit. It's worked well. I'm refeeding once every 6-7 days (and doing a massive refeed at (10g carbs x each lb of body mass)..
I've gotten my waist down from 33" to 31" ...and I'm trying to get back to about 29"..
I was 29" about 18 months ago and was DEXA tested at 9.5% body fat.
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