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Well, I didn't know the history of this method of training to be honest there probably isn't a lot of fairness in who gets credit for what.

I was genuinely curious about whether the newer type of RPT was ok. I really enjoyed that method of training before and it ticks the boxes I like to do,eg. is high intensity, quick and simple but I found I stalled at about the lifting numbers I'm at currently multiple times doing that method so I won't be doing it going forward as a mass gaining program (I am doing it currently for a month long mini-cut but i'll stop after that for sure).

I'm pretty clueless about intermediate programming (aside from bits and pieces)and the interaction of volume, frequency and intensity in training programs so I was hoping to get a feel for what more knowledgeable folk were saying. Lots of intermediate programming templates are quite confusing I find with large 1RM percentage ranges, RPE's and tapering down volume etc. I would love RPT to be a decent option for the mid-intermediate and up as it's soooo simple to implement but I figure it's still not there from the sounds of it.

Yes, I agree IF and RPT is overrated and aren't magic but sometimes it's hard for average joe sort-of-recreational lifters to accurately weigh up the pro's and con's of various programs in comparison to one another.
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