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I always find I have a higher appetite when I'm sick -- even if it's stomach flu! It's almost totally mental, I think. I'm a gigantic mega comfort eater. If I don't feel good, I crave comfort. I'm proud I was able to stay at maintenance calories the day I felt crappy. Took effort but I'm building better habits.

I definitely have moved a LOT less this week! Between being sick myself and all the couch time cuddling sick toddlers, my total NEAT expenditure is probably about 67 calories.

Week 2, Day 1

AM weight: 143.0 (-6.0 since diet began) -- new personal low! Haven't seen this weight probably since sophomore year of high school, literally half my life ago.

Noticed saggy skin all over my inner thighs this morning. It's exciting in a way -- means I'm really getting smaller.

Feeling good after yesterday's refeed. Lots of energy and good mood. Woohoo!

Took a Bronkaid in the afternoon -- that also helped the energy I'm trying not to take those too often so the effects don't wear off, but I like the boost they give when I'm facing a lot of housework XD

Food, which I just realized included no vegetables, yikes:
- chicken-crust pizza with ff paneer
- pp shake

Exercise, at home:
2x12 BW squats
2x10 coffee table pushups
1x15 bird dogs
1x15 crunches
1x15 supermans
I just realized I forgot to do rows. >.<

No rows, no vegetables ... oh well, maybe my full brain will be in gear tomorrow!
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