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Week 2, Day 3

AM Weight: 140.2 (-1.0 from yesterday, -8.8 since start of diet -- got the math wrong yesterday, haha!)

Suuuuper hungry this afternoon. Which was right when I was doing my Thanksgiving shopping. So that kind of sucked. I only made one impulse buy, which I will resist consuming and foist off on some of my Thanksgiving guests instead.

FREAKING FINALLY got back to the gym! It felt GOOD.

- microwave pp cake
- pound of broccoli with ff cheese and hot sauce (little stinker of a toddler son ate half the cheese right out of my bowl!)
- another microwave pp cake which turned out gross but I choked it down

3x10 BW squats
2x15 chest press with 15# dbs
2x15 one-arm rows with 15# dbs
2x15 SLDL with the bar
1x15 curls with 12# db (I was just curious what I could do)
1x15 crunches
1:00 plank
2x15 supermans
And then 3 miles easy walking while watching The Punisher

Thanksgiving tomorrow It's my favorite day of the year, can you tell?
My log: All I Want For Christmas is RFL By The Book
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