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Week 2, Day 5

I noticed wrinkles around my mouth. I'm getting saggy all over! My round stomach is the only part of me that's not getting thinner. If I keep going I'll look like a pregnant Jack Skellington.

I took my measurements today for a sewing pattern and I'm 36" bust, 33" waist, 37" hips. I'm a rectangle! (I'm also pretty sure my hips used to be 48 or 50". I looked but I couldn't find any old measurements. I did pass the "100 pounds lost" mark on this round of RFL, which is pretty cool.)

Anyway, feeling tired and dizzy today, not sure why. Hoping for better tomorrow.

Two annoying incidents -- stepped on an electric plug cover and stabbed it into my foot (how? it's rounded plastic!), and cut my hand open on an upholstery nail while moving an armchair. So I'm all bandaged up and then wrapped with kinesthetic tape to try to keep the bandages on. :P

I did order a Garmin fitness tracker so hopefully seeing how few crappy steps I get each day will start increasing my NEAT.

- salad of arugula, chicken breast, red wine vinegar, leftover Thanksgiving green beans and mushrooms with the oil blotted off
- sauerkraut smoothie
- green beans and chicken breast with ff cheese and hot sauce
- cherry Crystal Light mixed with diet Vernor's ginger ale -- this is CRAZY good

Exercise: none
My log: All I Want For Christmas is RFL By The Book

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