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I've had horrible gas the past few days. I feel bad for everyone who lives with me.

Week 2, Day 7

Refeed went well The sweets didn't taste as good as I'd expected, but every bite of cereal was amazing.

- TJ's chili lime chicken burger on another weird protein powder bun (I will nail this recipe ... but obviously not today)
- RFL brownies with Cool Whip Free
- ff cottage cheese
- Refeed: a little cake frosting (looked SO good and yet was so disappointing), a few Skittles, three homemade cookies with skim milk, 4 cups of Quaker Oat Squares in skim milk. Bang on the high end at 300 carbs (3g/lb LBM) total.

Exercise (9500 steps for the day)
- 30 minutes easy walking on the treadmill
- MommaStrong Di-Recti routine (I appear to have mild diastasis recti -- not too surprising after having twins, but I couldn't tell earlier because I carried too much fat on my abs to see or feel it. Anyway, gonna see if these bracing exercises help.)

And now back to the grind...
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