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Today's loss: -0.2lb/ 0.1kg

Wrapping up

Starting weight: 110.2lb/ 50.1kg
Ending weight: 106.5lb / 48.4kg

Total loss: -3.7lb/ -1.7kg

First of all, the numbers are pretty much representative of my deficit as a small female . I always lose 2.5lb water exactly whenever I go low carb, never more, never less.

I calculated, well, estimated my daily deficit to actually be around 1600 calories. This comes about to 1.8 lbs of actual fat loss. With the water loss I should be closer to -4.3lbs/2kg at least of total loss.

I do feel certain that with an RFL intake, ~25 hours (85miles) of cardio and an intense workout, and terrible insomnia, all in 4 days can cause some water retention due to physical stress.
Also, iirc yesterday I drunk half the water I usually drink.

So I'm expecting the weight to drop a bit more, or at least stay the same after some water retention is gone and some water weight at maintenance is gained.

Visually I can see a lot of difference, even more so I can feel the difference in how my clothes fit. Im confident I lost very little lbm, if at all. BUT even with the low lbm I started with, i do feel flat af as well.

Overall it was a great experience, I love testing how I respond to different approaches. I would definitely do it again IF I feel I need it, but at my current weight no.
Right now I'd rather move slightly below/at maintenance and lift as heavy as I can. If I'm lucky I'll gain some muscle due to muscle memory and slightly lower my bodyfat.

Will post after photos and stats in a few days, when my weight has stabilized. I'm just wondering whether I should start maintenance from today or go for a structured refeed today. I do feel pretty drained.
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