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Default Wtf can I do about LEPTIN RESISTANCE?

I started cutting about 6 weeks ago and I was around 30% I estimate... now Iím about 27% but all of a sudden my hunger and cravings are insatiable. Itís been 5 days now that Iíve gone over my maintenance and thereís no sign of stopping...

Iím assuming this is me being leptin resistant and I just have to suck it up and lose fat until my leptin is down enough to not cause resistance? My cut was not anything crazy. Just 500 deficit most days but I did do RFL for 3 days until something came up in my life that I had to have mental clarity for. Thereís been no change in my diet at all. Just all of a sudden I started being hungry af and cravings... is there anything I can do to stop this? I actually did take a week long maintenance break about 3 weeks ago... I thought that would prevent this from happening.
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