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Default Not gaining muscle...what gives

I've posted on this forum before and finally after having my I need to read the rules post.I need to read the rules post.I need to read the rules post. handed to me, I decided to lay off on scrolling (not trolling) through the threads.

To date, I have joined a team (getting ready to compete this summer in natural bb) and the coach seems to have his scientific wits about him (moreso than any other meathead I've met in the industry.)

While I can appreciate his knowledge, I don't necessarily believe that he may know what's best for MY body. I've been on the diet for about 4-5 months now and cut out all the foo-foo training (sticking with the basics.)

I dont want to bore anyone with all the minute details (although I'd be more than happy to share if it would help put some things into perspective.) I am currently at 100g carbs, 120 g protein and 14 g fats a day. I am 5'7" and last time it was checked (2 months ago) I was around 9% bf. I am also consuming about 3 bags of spinach and 2 bags of aspargus a day (I"m always hungry.) This may be contributing to my bloating that will never go away.

Problem is....I'm always hungry and I have not made an gains in terms of muscle. In fact, I feel skinnier than when I started, with the exception of holding on to abdominal fat.

QUESTION being: thoughts on a higher fat lower carb diet. I read the articles regarding the controversy between both. I am sorry if this is an annoying post, but maybe someone could point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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