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250k Challenge - Week 8 Summary[/list]Avg Weight: 221.8lbs (-2.8lbs/-11.0lbs)

Weekly steps: N/A

Extremely happy with the weight loss last week, a moderately high deficit consistently for 2 weeks without a cheat meal is obviously the way forward. I intend to the same this week but as time is running out, I am going to do 2 RFL days on Tuesday/Thursday, when I don't lift.

This weekend I took a break from tracking calories and ate a tonne of carbs and it felt great. 100% motivation to get back on track today!

I haven't tracked steps this week but am back on it as of today.

As per my previous update, I hit 220.2 but couldn't quite creep into the 219's. The goal for this week is 2lbs from either my average weight or weekly low (219 or 218lbs).

Planning Ahead

As I will have been dieting for 12 weeks by the end of this without a proper diet break and will run RFL/UD2.0 depletion style peak week prep I am planning how to end the diet. I will have a 2 day refeed, trying to eat at least 12-16g/kg of carbs before moving to 10% under maintenance for the folllowing week and taper up to 5% under maintenance.

I have a wedding 3 weeks after the competition deadline so I will assess how I'm feeling/looking a week before and if I have spilled over or gained excess fat, I will do 5 days of RFL leading up to the event.

The scheduling for this summer is a bit annoying as every 4-6 weeks I have an important event or holiday (what a hard life) where I want to be in the best shape possible. I am hoping I will get to a point where I can maintain approx. 10% bodyfat and then just run a short RFL run before each event rather than a month of dieting.

How do others handle this kind of thing? Any opinions/experiences appreciated.
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