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250k Challenge - Week 10 Summary

Avg Weight: N/A

Weekly steps: 92k

Ran 5 days of Cat 1 RFL, hit protein targets, kept carbs/fats to an absolute minimum, training was good and increased walking duration. Very happy with how much visual progress I made this week.

Although I did not weigh myself, my deficit should have facilitated around 4lbs of fat loss.

The refeed on Saturday was easy and ended the day at around 1300g of carbs. Waking up on Sunday I expected to have spilled over and look bloated but I looked leaner and fuller than I have this whole cut so I would call it a success.

Yesterday ended in a 1000 calorie deficit as my new spin bike arrived and I put in an hour or so of LISS.

The plan this week is 2 days RFL, predominantly RFL on Wednesday but with carbs pre/post workout, 2 days RFL then a smaller refeed. I did my first fasted cardio session today after taking 400mg of caffeine which was an interesting sensation.

I am nowhere near where I ultimately want to be but I can slowly see the definition and shape coming through and the fat melting away. 2 weeks at maintenance is going to be a mind-f**k but I know it'll ultimately be beneficial as I have been dieting for 10 solid weeks now.
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