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250k Challenge - Week 11 Summary

Avg Weight: N/A

Weekly steps: 102k

This week has been a mixed bag and I know it's time to stop this round of dieting. 11 weeks in a deficit when a Cat 1 isn't ideal. I will push through and finish this last week then re-feed and move to maintenance for 2 weeks.

Doing RFL 4-5 days a week has been causing me some issues with insomnia and lack of BM so I will be increasing calories slightly and doing a Bodyopus style approach. Protein & Fat at 50% maintenance until Friday night where I will refeed in time for final photos.

Although the scales show that I am down 12-14lbs since January, I am only just starting to feel like I am getting leaner. Vascularity and definition is starting to show. I'm hoping that my next round of dieting will be "The One" where I finally get decent abs and look like I lift.

On the plus side, I joined a new gym which has a plethora of cool machines including plate loaded hammer strength chest press's which allow me to hit chest with no shoulder discomfort. Plus it has a pool and spa area which will be great for recovery.

I will do a final update next week (probably with pics, unless I deem them not worthwhile).

Next Round of Dieting

I have recently read the original BodyOpus book and Lyle's account of his time using the diet and it has peaked my interest. I think I will run a 4 week round of the diet before I go on holiday in May ( which I will take as a maintenance week) before another 4 weeks of dieting. This SHOULD put me well into the lean category and I would hope to be around 8%.
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