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Originally Posted by PhysiologyIsPhun View Post
Thanks, that's all extremely helpful information. I wasn't going to bother with a loading phase either as I'm not trying to get too tan and I never do high doses of anything like this for safety reasons. Those are some nice results, almost exactly what I'm looking for
I think it's perpetuated to get people to use more MT-2 as far as using 1mg at a time, using it every day etc. Even with me, I think I could have probably stuck to 250mcg as I did end up tanning a little faster than I expected but at the same time I was working on a short time-frame and wanted to see results faster.

Caveat for my anecdote - I'm not sure where I'd be on the Fitzpatrick scale (somewhere in the 2's?) but I'm caucasian with dark brown hair and usually burn then tan, and given enough time, e.g. a couple of weeks abroad I can/have achieved this colour before. Obviously if I was fairer I might have needed considerably more, but I have no way of knowing.

Good luck. Only other things I'd say are:

- Take into account your face will probably get darker faster than the rest of you because of when you're out and about etc. I suncreamed my face towards the end because I'd be walking to the gym in the sun, eating lunch outside at work, and obviously picking up rays on all my uncovered areas.

- At the start, be conservative and tan only a little - with at least a day off between - you don't want to go bright red and burnt and you won't see results straight away so there's no point trying to over-do the sunbeds/sunbathing.

- Like dieting I think it's helpful to accept it's going to take a bit longer than you think it is, but finding your tan has crept up on you seems pretty common too: I went from wondering how much more I'd need to go brown to how I was in those pics within a week.

- Tanning process takes 30+ hours IIRC so bare that in mind when deciding on dosing and UV protocol. Doing back to back days outside for instance is fine when you've only got a little colour in you because it's unlikely you'll look like you've changed race the next day, but once you've gone brown enough for other people to notice you could easily overshoot. People will wonder if you've gone on holiday. It's hilarious.

- Easier to achieve an even all-over tan on a sunbed, but I found it hard to find information as to 'x minutes on a sunbed = ? minutes outside' and feel that I got my best results being outside in natural sunlight.
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