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Chest & Back

Db Bench: 20x20, 35x10, 50x5, 65x5, 80x3, 95x3, 110x8, 2x6
db row: 80x10, 110x5, 140x3, 170x3x5
db incline: 75x3, 90x9, 2x8
chest supported row: 90x5, 135x3, 180x3x8
hs chest: 140x5, 180x3, 210x10, 6
lat pull: 135x5, 180x3, 225x2x10
db front raise: 35x3x12
db lateral raise: 30x3x10
db rear flye: 25x2x15
db front raise: 35x2x12
db lateral raise: 30x3x10
db rear flye: 25x2x15
barbell curl: barx45

starting to diet down for a show 17 weeks away (nov 16 NPC hosted by Bev Francis' gym in Long Island). although there's a good chance I might do one 15 weeks away (New England championships in Baaaahstan), or both. not sure yet. probably physique. maybe bb depending on where I weigh in..
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