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Had the first depletion workout without much trouble. Calories ended up around 1300, staying under 50g of carbs. On depletion/low-calorie days I tend to fast on a 20/4 window. Don't have any trouble making it throughout the work day without food and allows for more filling meals before and after the lifts.
Workout went as follows

Leg Press: 320lbsx6x15
Lying Machine Leg Curl: 70lbsx6x15

I tend to do all 6 sets of both of these immediately at the start of the workout and then run through the rest of it in two chunks. I just like getting legs out of the way completely.

Barbell Bench Press: 135x3x15
Seated Cable Rows: 52.5x3x15
Standing Lateral Raises: 15x3x15
Barbell Bicep Curl: 50x2x15
Overhead Cable Tri Extensions: 52.5x3x15
Complete Twice

Felt fairly good throughout, no intense nausea. One more depletion workout today and then the cardio begins for the week, that will be the interesting part.

Weight: 203.5
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