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Swim went well last night. The beginning was a grind, but hit a stride about halfway through. Went as follows:

75mx8 with 40 second rests in between.

Swimming is definitely a weak point for me personally, just getting used to the amount of lactic acid it produces has been difficult. Overall though I'm feeling pretty good, a lot better than I thought I would adding this amount of cardio to the UD protocol. Weight is still at 204 though, which again I find odd. Although I have found personally the actual weight-loss on UD isn't as rapid for me, I'd like to hope because I have an okay muscle base and that is being maintained while dieting. Also the eating has been highly doable, I've had basically zero cravings. I've been finding it easy to fast throughout the work day, from about 8-5:30 or 6, and then have just two larger pre and post workout meals. It honestly makes me feel like I'm overeating though because of the larger portions.

Tonight is the tension workout but I also have to do a 20 minute, rolling terrain run. This will be the first time cardio and a lifting session falls on the same day, but the run shouldn't be that bad.
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