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Default Estradiol test results questions

Hello. It would be of great help to me if those here with knowledge/experience with this subject could help me. My Estradiol test came back a bit high and I need to determine what I'm going to do. I've never had one before, but I have suspected there might be an issue due to a substantial change in fat distribution in my posterior and upper leg region which was not always this way. This factor is what led me to get the test done. The result was 44 (h) pg/mL and the high end of normal on test read 39. This is only a little high, but it is higher than the recommended range and I've read that a better number to shoot for for general health purposes is below 30.

My testosterone levels which were also tested around the same time were more than acceptable according to the test reference range and also my reading. Total test: 648 ng/dL (250-1100) and free test 81.6 pg/mL (35-155).

I have suspicion on where things may have a gone awry but they are just suspicions. About 2 1/2 years ago I was feeling a little burnt out probably from a bit of overtraining and just getting a little older. I'm 38. My workout dutration, intensity, and recovery times were all 10% or so in the wrong direction. I was recommended a supplement called DHEA, spoke with my doctor and got his approval and started taking the minimum amount. It helped with my training but I noticed at night when I would take it a kind of burning sensation in or around my brain. I put up with this for only a week or so before I called it quits on DHEA.

Shortly after I noticed significant problems with my memory, recollection, reading and retaining, concentration. Possibly others. These things seems to have gotten better but I still feel like there may be some permanent (hopefully reversible or progressively rectifiable) damage I deal with each day. Then there came the prostate problems - retaining urine (my doctor said when I was tested that my bladder urine retention was 10 times higher than it should have been. I now take flomax daily to pacify that condition.

So beside the afore my health numbers (chol., blood sugar, thyroid, cbc) are where they are supposed to be.

But then there is the estradiol. Ive read some of the symptoms of high estradiol and they seem to make sense: feminine physical characteristics(Ive always been very concerned about and dedicated to my physique so its quite frustrating), decreased physical vigor, trouble losing weight, and concentration issues. There are more but those make sense as I assess my condition.

So my question is, could my estradiol level be a cause of problems for me where they are now and how should I go about dealing with it if it is? This is something I want to be prepared to discuss with my doctor intelligently when I see him in a few months so any feed back on this topic from those here with experience and knowledge would be of great help and tremendously appreciated.

Thank you greatly in advance.
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